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What Did Kanye Say About Jewish People?


Kanye West also known as Ye has been in the news for several controversies. This time he has made it to the headlines with some social media posts about antisemitic. Kanye West is a popular rapper, singer, producer, songwriter and fashion designer who has millions of fans from around the globe. He has made his place among the best American music artists and has received awards for his songs. Kanye West is also famous for his style statement and he has been running his own merchandise known as Kanye West Merchandise.

Kanye West aka Ye also faces conspiracies. From the beginning of his music career till this day, he has made it to the headlines several times. This time he has been facing the controversy related to his social media post about antisemitic. He has used his social media platform to support antisemitic acts, hold and power over Jewish people. He has also sprouted antisemitic words in some of his interviews after which Jews from around the world are calling upon Kanye. In this blog post, we are going into the details of what Kanye says about Jewish people and what are the reactions of fans.

Kanye Words About Jewish People

Kanye West is right now facing the biggest controversy of his life as he has sprouted some hate comments on Jews. Firstly, he became the headlines after he wore a “White Lives Matter” t-shirt to Paris Fashion Week. When he was interviewed for this act, he used some hate speech for the Jewish people and their controlling power. He made conspiratorial claims about Jews and said that Jews are black people. He also claimed that he is not antisemitic because he is black and black are Jews.  

He has also said that Jared Kushner is arranging peace pacts between Israel and the Arabs to make money. The next day Kanye shared some screenshots to claim that Jewish people are using their controlling power over his music peers to intimidate him. He later deleted his post that said “No one can threaten or influence me”.

What hate Words did Kanye Say about Jewish?

Another day, another conspiratorial word from the popular rapper Kanye West aka Ye made it to the headlines. This time he clearly said that Jewish tried to toy with him. According to Ye, Jewish are using their power to blackball and bash those who oppose their Agenda. His tweet that said “death Con 3 Jewish people” raised violence in the public and this tweet was later removed from Twitter. Kanye stayed out of these antisemitic controversies but this tweet of him might spread the false acts and anti-Semitism. There is no true evidence that Ye is a part of any extremist group. But his recent comments and hate speech about the Jewish people seem to be inspired by such anti-Semitic tropes.

Kanye’s Words on Jewish Control and Power

Ye aka Kanye has also sprouted his beliefs on Jewish control and power. He has sprouted these antisemitic words that Jewish people are using their power in the wrong way and that they have a complete hold on the media and even the music industry. This statement by the rapper again provoked the people as many extremist groups have already said the same belief. From there people were again convinced to some extent that Kanye West aka Ye is an antisemitic or he might be a part of the extremist troupe.

Statement about Jewish Money and greed

Ye has also sprouted some hateful comments on the Jewish greed for money. He claims the Jared Kushner is only trying to establish peace between the Arabs and Israel to make money. He has related this to the alleged control of Jewish and their money power.

What did Kanye West say about Jewish People?

Kanye West aka Ye has made several hate comments on Jewish people. He has claimed that Jews are trying to control the world by using their power inappropriately. According to Kanye West, Jewish have tried to intimidate him by threatening his peers in the music industry. Kanye has also made hate speech on the Jewish in the past years. He is a public influencer and has been accused of using his social platform in the wrong way. Many of his social media posts and comments are indications that Kanye West is antisemitic. However, there is no evidence of him being part of an extremist group but still, his words speak a lot. Many of his fans who are not using social media must be pondering what Kanye West said about the Jewish people. We have answered this question in the above content and all the claims that Kanye West have made till now.

Public reaction to what did Kanye say about Jewish people?

Where Jewish hare provoked with the remarks of Kanye West on social platforms, many extremist groups have been found supporting Ye. Many theorists and antisemitic extremist group were quick to show support and promote their own beliefs. On the other hands, Kanye West was bashed from the industry and some of the luxury brands he was working with. Many of the popular brands after this conspiracy have distanced themselves from Kanye. The famous brand Adidas has ended its partnership with Kanye and announced that no more Yeezy products will be produced from now on. This news followed by the Kanye West being dropped out from Forbes Billionaires list. Clothing Company Gap Inc. has also ended its tie with Kanye. Balenciaga also ditched ye after this controversy. Many celebrities including his ex-wife Kim Kardashian have also condemned his hate speech for the Jewish. This conspiracy is still going on and it has impacted the journey of this popular Rapper and fashion designer. While Kanye West might not intend to make controversy, his remarks and social media posts have triggered the Jewish community. Read more about Kanye West and his life at our official Kanye West merchandise. also, check out why kanye west changed his name.