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Who is Kanye West Dating Currently? 2024


In February 2021, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian filed for divorce which was finalized in March 2022. The split had many underlying reasons listed as West’s mental health deteriorated from bipolar disorder (Kardashian West revealed earlier this year she suffers from the same disorder), differing personalities and life goals, and long days apart from their high-profile jobs.
Following the dissolution of his marriage to Kim Kardashian, Kanye West reportedly started dating Bianca Censori shortly thereafter, sometime in January 2023. Both are tied to fashion, with West being the creator of Yeezy and Censori holding some sort of architect role for Yeezy — but, per multiple sources, they allegedly had a secret wedding ceremony at some point in early 2023; reports say,
There are mixed thoughts regarding their relationship; Some people think it’s just a rebound affair for Kanye West’s marriage but what comes as another news altogether is there is a fair chance they could marry traditionally too! In the end, all one knows about Kanye West’s divorce and their entanglement with Bianca Censori is what’s publicly available.

Who is Kanye West Dating?

Kanye West is dating Bianca Censori, a Yeezy architect. They were first seen together in January 2023, and there were reports in February 2023 that they had a secret marriage ceremony, although the legality of the marriage is uncertain as no official marriage certificate has been filed.
This comes from an Australian architect who studied at the University of Melbourne and has worked with Yeezy since mid-2020. She did some modeling shoots for the likes of Kanye’s Yeezy line and Calvin Klein.
Though remaining low-key with each other, West and Censori have also been caught hanging out together (in June of 2023) and sported matching wedding bands during August of the same year, fanning more rumors about them. It is not clear if he is just dating her or if they have gone ahead with an informal wedding.

Who is Kanye West Dating Now 2024?

Kanye West dating now Bianca Censori, an architectural designer associated with his Yeezy fashion brand, with their public appearances starting in January 2023, and rumors of a secret marriage ceremony in February 2023. While their relationship has been kept relatively private, joint sightings and the sight of matching wedding rings in August 2023 have fueled speculation about their commitment, with reports varying on the nature of their relationship, ranging from deeply in love and planning a traditional wedding to a more casual approach without rushing into marriage.
Who is Kanye West dating in 2023?
The 45-year-old rapper is now dating 28-year-old Australian architect and model Bianca Censori. She joined Yeezy in 2020 where she has a Master in Architecture from the University of Melbourne. Not only did Censori establish herself as a model for companies such as Yeezy and Calvin Klein but she’s known for her unique look and electric personality too.

Who is Kanye West Dating Right Now?

In terms of personal life; Kanye West has been divorced from Kim Kardashian until it was rumored in the air by media that Kanye West dating right now with Australian Architect/Model; Bianca Censori. An unofficial wedding rumor broke but remains disputed over whether it was legal or not. She has been linked to the Kardashian family through its Yeezy branch since 2020 after she graduated from design school; the former fashion model also made an appearance in Vogue’s January issue this year because of her work as a stylist and architectural designer.

While their relationship ship hasn’t been very public, the two often make public appearances and people can never stop talking about them as rumours circulated about their future as a couple. Some outlets indicate a long-established traditional ceremony could be on its way while others display the couple as in no hurry to marry

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