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Kanye West The College Dropout


On February 10, 2004, when Kanye West dropped his debut album “The College Dropout”, things were set to change within the music scene forever. This album, which was both a critical success and a commercial hit, garnered West his first (of many) Grammy Awards, Best Rap Album, and went to sell over two million copies in America. The record’s name is an obvious reference to Kanye leaving school and moving into music, something which his Mum didn’t really approve of given she was a professor at uni. She would later explain that the name of the album honored the willingness to accept whoever you truly were in contrast to what others expected from you.

“The College Dropout” is an album that explores topics of college, religion, and the division between classes. “In an age where transparency has never been more valued, West doesn’t shy away from sharing all — his failures, and setbacks. Experiences of being a college drop-out, getting into the game was hard, he tells us about what drove him In addition to those artists mentioned earlier, the record includes guest spots from Jay-Z, Ludacris, and Common.

Numerous tracks off the debut collection turned into unmistakable exemplary, “Through the Wire,” “Slow Jamz,” “All Falls Down,” “Jesus Walks,” and different melodies delved into topics, for example, individual mis “The College Dropout” has gone on to become an integral piece of the hip-hop pantheon; redefining the game with its forward-thinking sounds while pushing many young and burgeoning talent to match the honesty with which he presented himself. More Clothing You can buy Kanye West Merch Store.

Kanye West the College Dropout Torrent

Ten years ago today, on February 10, 2004, the first album from Mr. Kanye West, entitled “The College Dropout” came out and changed the face of music forevermore. The Grammy-winning and commercially very successful “Jesus Walks” brought West a Grammy for Best Rap Album and 0ver 2 million units sold in the U.S. alone.

This title of the album matters because we’re talking about Kanye who dropped out of college and committed fully to making an impact with art. It didn’t please his mum, a university academic. “It’s pounded into my brain you gotta college to live the good life, and I mean no shade, some jobs do not need college” She’d say later.

How did Kanye West Make the College Dropout?

The College Dropout was started sometime in 1999 when Kanye West chose to stop attending college so as to focus solely on his music. Before becoming an artist in his own right, he established himself as a producer with a repertoire of work under his belt—crafting beats for luminaries such as Jay-Z, Ludacris, and Beane Sigel. But Kanye was bound and determined to make it as both a rapper and a producer.
In fact, it took several years for “College Dropout” to be produced, involving many different producers and musicians. Kanye did several versions of the album until he found one that he liked. It was this time in history when DJ Premier was at his best; his trademark style was present with the usage of soul and R&B samples along with the unique ‘chipmunk soul ’ sound.

The College Dropout Album

“The College Dropout Album” was also an album where we could see the lyrical depths of the young artist, taking inspiration from his real-life struggles as a college dropout fighting for credibility in rap. In his poems, he’d also conveyed his faith and trust in Jesus Christ. With themes of school, religion, and race the album connected with audiences on several levels and was widely praised both critically and commercially.
When “The College Dropout” hit stores on Feb. 10, 2004, it was met with high acclaim. Critics praised the album’s innovative productions, memorable hooks, and Kanye’s candid, heartfelt lyricism. If that wasn’t enough, 8 Mile went on to win the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album in 2005.
“The College Dropout” is regarded in the history of hip-hop as an unparalleled work. The resulting record redefined the musical landscape of what would follow with its influence being felt in countless corners of the music world. The record from Kanye West serves as a timeless gem that is loved globally by his fan base.

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